We are here to share about our off grid lifestyle, plant based diet, and to teach you how to grow your own fruit and vegetable produce, and raise happy little backyard chickens producing lovely little “farm” fresh eggs.

Our goal is to create a life that is is simple and sustainable.

We want to share the knowledge we are gathering on our journey with like minded individuals who want to live a healthy, abundant life. 

-Victoria Young 


We moved out of town to our 11 acre patch of heaven to focus on being present for our babies, and to learn about homesteading…one adventure at a time.

We have raised goats,  bunnies, jersey cows, and even meal worms on our homestead in Montana. Currently our little family farm is home to a flock of chickens, some lovely fruits and vegetables, and our(soon to be six) dogs!

If you have always wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog, or want to know why Bernedoodles are awesome, check out our Montana Berners website or Montana Berners Facebook page!

We will be sharing our knowledge of water catchment, solar power, rocket stoves, and so much more… as time permits! Two kids under two, six dogs, and our three businesses keep us on our toes!

You can connect with us on our Facebook page The Young Homestead or @theyounghomestead on Instagram.

Join us!


-Tanner and Victoria