My name is Victoria Young! I am an accounting major, turned esthetician, turned farmer! I never thought of myself as the off-grid living, hay bale slinging type! I like white clothes and nice makeup, but as it turns out, I am also completely at home milking a cow in poop covered overalls. 

 We moved our family from a nice little neighborhood in town, to 11 acres in the middle of nowhere because we wanted freedom, and a simpler life. We want to know that our food is good for us, and have our kids play outside with chickens and baby goats. We want our 6 dogs to have space to run! 

Healthy mind, healthy body! It has to be both! Here you will find everything from How to Trim a Goat’s Hooves, to my Recommended Clean Personal Care Products, to Gratitude Journaling.

Our goal is to create a life that is is simple and sustainable. Our lifestyle combines the wisdom of the past, with all the wonderful things about the present. The world seems to be getting worse in so many areas. But it is also getting better! Each one of us can make small changes that can ultimately change the world!

Are you happy? Have you realized that “things” don’t bring lasting joy? Have you noticed that the dopamine/pleasure hormone you experience while binge watching a show is not actually the same as happiness?


We want to share the knowledge we are gathering on our journey with like minded individuals who want to live a healthy, abundant life. You don’t have to have a farm to make healthy changes!

Join us!