Goats are Awesome!!!

Sophia and Bianca are our resident weed eaters and mischief makers! They aren’t actually all that mischievous despite the common stereotype. They are sweet, wonderful, darlings!

Sophia is a Nubian, with a registered Daddy. Her mama has one of the best personalities in the goat world(Sophia takes after her), and is a wonderful milk producer, but has a slight Boer look, so I can’t say Sophia is 100% Nubian.

Bianca is half Nubian, half Saanen and is an absolute sweetheart! I personally know the parents of both my girls and have no problem with their lack of registration, but if you are exploring the idea of adding dairy goats to your family and don’t have the pleasure of a long standing relationship with the seller, an ADGA(American Dairy Goat Association) or AGS(American Goat Society) registered goat is a good idea!

I also can’t stress the importance of health testing enough! ┬áIn our area, I wouldn’t buy a goat without confirming that the parents and the herd are clear of CAE(Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis), CL(Caseous Lymphadenitis) and Johnes disease.A friend of mine went through a very sad experience after purchasing a goat with Johnes that infected her entire herd.

That said, goats are AWESOME!!! We have a dairy cow, so I don’t really need the milk! Sophia and Bianca are my pets, and company for Rosie(our cow)! Goat milk is naturally homogenized and can be easier to digest! Even though we tend to prefer the taste of cow milk, I love having goat milk available for my kids, and it is amazing for making lotions and soaps! My friend Nichole makes the most incredible goat milk based products! You can visit her website www.lazydaisysoap.com! Sophia’s mom Mary Jane, and Bianca’s mom Sunny live with Nichole!

Fia and Bonca(as my toddlers call them) help me host #MeetMyGoatMonday on Instagram and you are welcome to join us every monday!

Baby Bianca
Baby Sophia